Broken Chains

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“Knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin.”  Romans 6:6



I’m in prison.  I built it.  It’s my own.  Every inch, each bar, the lock, the concrete floor – every part of it was built by me.  The shackles that bind my wrists and ankles – I did that too.  Each bar, every link of the chains represents my sins – the lies, pride, lust, arrogance, hate, judgmentalism – each sin locking me deeper into the prison.  Why can’t I be free?


I wrap my fingers around the bars and press my face against the hard steel, the cold penetrating my skin, skull, dulling my thoughts.  Not enough.  I still feel the shackles and hear the chains rattle.  I still feel the weight of my foolish choices.  I want to be free.  Why can’t I be free?


My life belongs to Christ – doesn’t it?  I gave my heart and soul to Him years ago.  Why do the choices I’ve made still haunt me?  Why can’t they just go away and leave me alone?  Day after day, hour after hour, the voices of my sinful past whisper to me that they will never leave.


“You’ve been deluding yourself,” they whisper.  “Did you really believe that your sins, your shame could be forgiven?  What makes you think you’re worth forgiving?”


I release my hold on the bars and slip to the floor.  I weep, despair gripping me, filling me with hopelessness.  I close my eyes and press my face into my hands.


“God, I want to be free,” I beg.  “Please, Jesus, I gave my life to You.  Why do I have to carry these chains?  Why do I have to remain in this prison?  Please, Lord, release me from this place.”


A hand touches my shoulder.  I look up at the nail-scarred hand.  He pulls me up to my feet and shows me the keys.


“You are free.  You have long been free.  When you surrendered to Me, I unlocked the door.  When you gave Me your heart and soul, I broke the chains,” my Lord says with a smile.  “You could have pulled free of the chains and walked through at any time.  It is you who has kept yourself prisoner in this place.  It is you who has refused to accept the forgiveness and grace I have freely given.”


I look at the open door in disbelief.  I see the shackles fall from my wrists and ankles.  It’s true.  My Lord has set me free!  I don’t have to live in this prison anymore.  I need only to take the steps, to walk through the door and accept my freedom.  My freedom has been purchased with a great price.  The life of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, was given to for me.  I am free!



“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”  John 8:36


  1. i really needed to read this it makes so much sense,have never herd it this way before,wish i had years ago!thank you so much for sharing .your a true blessing!god bless you!

    • Thanks, Janie, for sharing that with me. I love know how deeply and wonderfully our Lord is working through the written word! God bless!

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