Heart to Heart

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“If you could tell anyone or everyone – had the chance to tell the whole world if you wanted to – anything you wanted, what would you say?”


I don’t remember what I was watching or listening to when I heard that question asked.  I dismissed it when I first heard it.  I think I even turned off the television and turned on the stereo.  It wasn’t until morning that my mind replayed the question.  If I could tell the whole world, or at least many people, if I had the means and the opportunity, what would I say?  I realized I have the means and the opportunity.  Here.  On this page.  I have the opportunity to share words of great importance.  I have the chance for a real heart to heart.  I have the opportunity to share a life-changing truth.


It’s a love story, really.  It’s a story of a man who loved so deeply that He was willing to give His very life for the one He loved.  His love goes beyond flowers and chocolates.  It surpasses diamonds and rubies.  His love is greater than all the riches of the earth.


His love is so great that He willingly stepped from his throne of majesty, set aside His robe of glory and put on humanity.  He left behind the perfection of heaven and accepted the blemished earth.  He walked the road and lived the life of man.  He endured ridicule, torture and death – the death of a criminal despite His absolute innocence.  He died the death you and I deserve.  We are the sinners, not He.  He died so that we would not have to live an eternity of death, a life separated from God.  He rose from the grave and is alive today so that we can also live.  He bought our souls with his life.


Jeremiah 31:3 says “I have loved you with an everlasting love…”  Nothing we can say or do will ever change His love for us.  His love for us comes with no strings attached.  We can’t earn it or buy it.  We can’t bargain for it or sell it.  His love is perfect and unchanging.


John 3:16 is one of the best know verses in scripture.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”


He loves you.  If I could stand on my roof and shout it to whole world, I would love to!  I have this great opportunity to share the most beautiful gift ever given – the Truth, the Love of Jesus Christ, the gift of salvation.  If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, don’t reject His gift any longer.  You need only to believe, confess and receive.  If you have already received Him as your savior, praise Him for the great love He has for you.  Thank Him for His great gift of His love.  There is no greater love than the Love of Jesus Christ.

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