King of Kings, Lord of Lords!

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Have you ever been so overcome with the presence of the Lord that you can’t even think straight?  His Spirit hits you like a mighty wind, forcing you to your knees, hands shooting straight up towards Heaven and the words and images in your mind are unmistakably His?  That’s what happened while I was putting on my writer’s cap and searching my thoughts for a profound Easter article.  Instead of a profound article, I was given a glorious evening filled with praise and worship.


Eric was working.  I put my Paul Wilbur CD into the stereo and said a simple “Lord, give me your words” prayer and started hitting computer keys.  I flipped to Bible scripture in the Gospels about the crucifixion and resurrection, turned to Isaiah, Malachi and Zechariah.  I made notes, did outlines.  I looked out the window at the beautiful moon (God’s great universe often inspires me).


“Close your eyes and just listen.”


I did.  That’s when it happened.  “Adonai, every knee will bow to you Lord most High…”  I couldn’t write anymore.  I had to worship.  I had to praise the King of Kings, the savior of my soul, El Shaddai, Jehovah Jirah, my provider, my Lord of Lords!  I couldn’t stop.  I didn’t want to stop.  I didn’t want to research my Savior, I didn’t want to analyze the scriptures.  I wanted to feel the presence of the Lord.  I wanted to experience Him in that moment.


I felt His hand on my life, the blood He shed covering me.  I felt the pain of my sins that nailed Him to the cross.  I could see Him lifting His face to Heaven, “Father, forgive them, Father forgive her.”  I had to cry, weep over His love and sacrifice for me.


The Holy Spirit came over me, the Comforter promised to us.  The truth of my Salvation and eternal life filled me with more joy than I could contain.  I had to laugh and cry and dance before the Lord.  I had to worship like I hadn’t in a very long time (I’m sure if any of my neighbors could see into my living room, they thought I had lost my mind!).


He is the King of Kings! He is the Lord of Lords!  He is the Holy One!  He is Alive and because He Lives, so do I!

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  1. Great thoughts Eileen. My best to you and Eric.

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