My Gift to Him

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Snow blankets the yard.  Icicles hang down from the roof.  Lights twinkle in windows; carols are sung on nearly every radio station.  Trees are decorated, packages are wrapped.  Soon colorful wrapping and bright bows will cover the space under the tree.  I will spend the night anticipating my husband’s reaction in the morning as he rips into those packages.


I love picking out the perfect gift for the ones I love.  I try to be creative and consider more than the price tag (though lately those price tags can cause a coronary!!!)  I like to think about the person and not just the gift.


Looking out the window, the snow sparkling in the moonlight, I consider one more gift.  I consider the Lord.  His gift to me that night long ago was life, His robe of glory traded for a simple tunic of humanity.  He came to earth to die that I may have life.  What could I ever offer Him that would even begin to thank Him for that precious gift?


“Lord,” I pray.  “Lord, what can I give you?  What gift can I offer you?  You have blessed me.  I want to bless You.  I have nothing to offer of any worth.  What can I give You?”


All remains quiet as I consider my desire to give something to my Lord.  The snow is still sparkling outside my window; music still plays softly from the speakers.  No great ideas come to mind.




“I want you,” I hear Him say.  “I want all of you.  You gave Me your heart years ago.  But, I want all of you – heart, mind, life.  I want your every desire, your every need, your every love, your every fear.  I want your dreams and your longings.  I want all of you.”


I press my head against the window pane.  “All of me.”  I consider what that means.  That means I have to let go.


“It’s a hard gift to give,” I hear Him say.  “Most gifts have price tags that cost only money.  What I ask requires sacrifice and surrender.  It won’t be easy, but if you trust Me, you can do it.  If you trust Me, I will change you.”


He didn’t hold anything back when He gave Himself for me, humbled and born in a manger, humiliated and nailed to a cross.  He gave me all of Himself.  How can I give Him any less of me?  All of me – that must be my Gift to Him.


Help me, Lord.  Help me to truly release it all to You, to completely surrender every part of myself, every detail of my life to You, to allow You to truly be the Lord of my life, to give this gift to You.

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